• herbal-and-homeopathic

    Herbal and Homeopathic

    We stock a large range of herbal and homeopathic remedies from leading brands, including A.Vogel.

A. Vogel

• Tinctures from Dandelion and Devils Claw to Echinacea and Milk Thistle
• Tablets including Devils Claw (rheumatic pain), Echinacea (cold and flu) and St John’s Wort (depression)
• Arnica Gel (bruising)

Potters Herbal

• Antifect tablets (rhinitis)
• Tabritin tablets (rheumatic pain)
• Throat and cough pastilles
• Chest and Catarrh Mixture


We stock a wide range of the Welleda homeopathy products including:

• Aconite
• Belladona
• Nux Vom

Flower Essences

• Findhorn Flower Essences
• Bach Rescue Remedy
• BioForce

Liquid Complexes

• Spatone Iron Complex
• Floradix Iron and Vitamin Complexes

Joint Care

• Letcithin Granules
• Paradox Capsules and Liquids – Omega Oils
• Cod Liver Oil
• Flaxseed Oil
• Green Lipid Mussle Extract Gels

Essential Oils

These can be used in burners, added to a relaxing bath or placed into carrier oils for massage. There are a variety of fruit smells associated with the oils and they are also stocked by function (destress, energise, sleep aid etc) – including a local range of products from Natural Balance which are located in Elgin.